Plenary Speakers

Plenary 1
Mr. Shigeki Suzuki
Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination (International Affairs),
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)

"Japan’s New ICT Policies in the IoT/AI Age"
Apr. 1981
Entered the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
Jul. 2001
Director, International Economic Affairs Division, International Affairs Department, Telecommunications Bureau, MIC
Jan. 2004
Director, Tariff Division, Telecommunications Bureau, MIC
Aug. 2005
Director, Telecommunications Policy Division, Telecommunications Bureau, MIC
Jul. 2007
Director, General Policy Division, Information and Communications policy Bureau, MIC
Jul. 2008
Director, Policy Planning Division, Minister’s Secretariat, MIC
Jul. 2009
Director-General of the Tokai Bureau of Telecommunications, MIC
Jul. 2010
Vice President, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Aug. 2011
Director-General of the Radio Department, Telecommunications Bureau, MIC
Sep. 2012
Director-General of the Postal Services Policy Department, Information and Communications Bureau, MIC
Jun. 2013
Director-General for Policy Coordination, Minister’s Secretariat, MIC
Jul. 2014
Director-General, Global ICT Strategy Bureau, MIC
Jul. 2015
Director-General for Promotion of Postal Services Privatization, Cabinet Secretariat
Jun. 2016
Vice-Minister For Policy Coordination(International Affairs)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications(MIC)
Plenary 2
Mr. Naoki Tani
Senior Vice President
Managing Director of IoT Business Department
Corporate Sales and Marketing Division

"Make the world a smarter place by docomo’s IoT and +d"
Mr. Naoki Tani has been leading the IoT Business Department since June 2014, and is responsible for marketing strategy, service planning, business development, and technical support of IoT business at NTT DOCOMO, INC.
Prior to the current assignment, he was Director of Network Department at Kansai Regional Office since July 2011.
Since he joined NTT in April 1989, he was involved in the initial development and deployment of mobile communications network systems. He has continued his responsibility after NTT DOCOMO was established in July 1992 and shifted his activity into the international standardization, development, and deployment of 3G (W-CDMA) and LTE network systems. He was also involved in the business collaborations as Director of research and development related organizations.
Mr. Tani graduated from Tokyo University with a Master of Engineering in 1989 and from Duke University with a Master of Business Administration in 1997.