Information for Presenters

1. Presentation Time
The time allotted for each presentation will be as follows:
20 min. (15 min. presentation and 5 min. discussion)
2. Equipment
  • A Windows laptop computer for common use will be available for your presentations in the conference room.
  • Please bring your presentation data saved to a USB storage device.
  • Audio output is not available.

**Notes when using your own laptop for presentation**
Please bring all required connection cables (with a d-sub 15-pin adapter) for your laptop, and a power adapter, if necessary.
If you wish to use your own Mac computer, you will need the appropriate VGA video adapter.

3. Notes for presentation at Room104
Because Room 104 is a venue with vertically long, there is a possibility that it may be difficult to see from the rear position if the lower part of the screen is hard to see and the small font size.
Please consider it when making your presentation slides.